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Confetti shot trouwen in Engeland

If you have guest flying in from all over the world to attend your wedding, this blog simply cannot be in Dutch. So today I am getting a little bit out of my comfort zone writing in English about the amazing day I had this past weekend.
Because that’s what it was: an amazing weekend. I already had the pleasure to be in touch with Doug and Kat over the past two years and last summer we finally had the chance to meet in person for their engagement shoot. It was the best start of working with this amazing couple. 

It had been quit the journey. Preparing for a wedding in the Netherlands, get hit by the pandemic, postpone all your plans. Being not dependent on the restrictions of one country, but giving the number of abroad guests, many.
It took a whole lot of traffic lights to align at the same time. But finally, the green light was there. A new location was chosen. No longer the Netherlands, but England became the destination of their wedding.
And I was the lucky one that got to travel to the UK with them. Not to just find myself in one of the most beautiful wedding locations, but most important to fully enjoy the amazing company they brought over from all over the world.

Destination wedding at Denbies Wine Estate

The new location set for the celebration of their marriage was set to Denbies Wine Estate. The largest wine vineyard in the UK, located in the most beautiful scenery of the Surrey hills, having Box Hill as a beautiful backdrop of the location.
Having a wedding planned in England, in November could go all the way in terms of weather. And with the proverbial cats and dogs raining the week prior to the wedding it could go either way. But honestly if you know this amazing two human beings you wouldn’t worry at all. Because if any two people deserve their day free of rain it’s these two and so they did. Starting on Friday the sun was caressing the beautiful hill tops, bringing all the vibrant autumn colors alive. It was the perfect November weekend to celebrate their love.

Weekend wedding in the Surrey hills

The thing I love most about weddings abroad is that I will be there for a longer period, meaning I have more time to get to know the guests. As I was arriving on Friday, I already had the time to meet the parents, bridesmaids, best men and other friends and family. During diner I could already experience the fun dynamic and special friendships these two have with their guests. It was the perfect and relaxed start of the weekend.

The next morning it was time to get ready. The hotel was filled with guests. Bridesmaids getting their hair and make-up done, groomsmen practicing their speeches. It was time to get those dresses on, tie those ties, step in those heels and get to the venue.

Personal ceremony and hand fasting ceremony

As their official wedding already happened in the Netherlands, this ceremony was all about how they want to express their love. How they wish to tie the knot – pun intended -, say their vows, have their guests included. With the help of the amazing Nikki from Perfect Words Ceremony a beautiful ceremony was held, filled with personal stories, readings and a handfasting ritual performed by both mothers. Guided by the musical notes of Chris and Mikey. A ceremony filled with love, smiles and the occasional tear. After the ceremony it was time for confetti, lots of confetti, bubbles and some more confetti. The mood was set for the rest of the day. From the drinks to diner to the party. One big smile was on the faces of these two. Enjoying all the kind words addressed to them, the looks full of admiration of their beauty and love.

Let’s get this party started

And what a party it was. The whole day led to this. After the couples first dance, the floor was filled with guests dancing. From Turkish dabke dances to Scottish sing-a-longs. And for myself, no pressure of making it home after a day of work, I could jump in party mode as well. Dancing with these amazing group of people while taking pictures of the party. Enjoying their songs, rituals, habits and most of all their joy. And when the party was over and a few bottles of sparkling wine were captured to be brought back to the hotel it was time for me to say goodbye and head back to my hotel room. My heart bursting with joy and gratitude of this amazing day. 

The next morning while I was enjoying my English breakfast one last time, said goodbye to the everyone and headed out for one final stroll around the English countryside I once again punched myself a little. Meeting this amazing couple, having so much fun with these amazing people is really what this job is all about. And with that realization I decided that destination wedding not the world I wish to use for this wedding. Because it’s simply not about the destination, it’s about the amazing people we meet along the way, as they make this journey so much fun.

Dear Doug & Kat, thank you so much for having me at your special wedding weekender. I had the most fun. Super honored to have been there, this was an experience I won’t soon forget. Enjoy the afterglow and for now: your preview!